The Frequently Used Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents From A Home

When you have rodents in your home getting rid of them is a top priority. They can destroy property, eat holes through walls, and are disease carriers. If putting down traps yourself in strategic locations doesn’t work you can call a pest control firm that will bring in the heavy artillery to get rid of these unwanted guests in your home.

For millenia many people kept cats around for the main purpose of killing rodents that got into their homes. Nowadays there are multiple ways of dealing with the problem beyond cats. One way is physical pest control. This includes rodent traps that snap down on the rat or mouse killing it. They are lured to the trap with something that smells good to eat such as cheese or other foods. It’s a spring-loaded trap that is set off by the weight of the rodent.

Some people prefer not to kill rodents in their homes. For these squeamish people, there are cage traps. The concept is the same as a spring-loaded trap except the trigger drops the opening to the cage rather than snapping down on the rodent itself. They can then be let loose far away from where any people live.

Getting rodent control Burbank CA is, therefore, a hot topic among people that live there. Many pest control companies are booked out dealing with getting rid of vermin, and thus diseased fleas, from the homes, apartments, and other buildings which mice and rats have infested.
In order to track down where the fleas are originating from, and where the vermin are located, it takes detective skills and a lot of experience. In addition to hiring a licensed pest control expert, it is also important to have pets treated for fleas. Food should not be laying out, carpeted areas of a home should be steam-cleaned, and indoor areas should be treated with an insect growth regulator.

Poisoned bait it another way of killing off rodents. The bait is usually inside of a small box shaped like one you get shoes in. Inside there is a mix of food attractant and poison. The main poison to kill rodents for years was warfarin. However, many populations of rats and mice have developed a resistance to this poison so nowadays difenacoum is used fairly often. This Wikipedia article shares the details of how to kill rodents using a poisoned bait trap.

There are natural repellents that rodents hate. Among these is balsam fir oil which has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. This is a non-toxic way to rid mice and rats from an area. Another natural repellent is acacia polyacantha subsp. camplyacantha which has been shown to be highly effective.

There has been a typhus outbreak in the greater Los Angeles region that has been determined to be caused by fleas. These fleas live on rodents and will abandon them when they are dying. They then go to the next host which will be a pet or person in a house if that is where the rodent lived. Typhus causes fever, headache, malaise, and rashes. More about the outbreak can be read here