The Benefits and Uses of Outdoor Home Sheds

Owning a home is one of life’s great investments. However, over time, the needs of the home can take on a life of its own. One of the biggest changes for homeowners is usually comes with the increased need for storage. While it may not be an important first consideration to a homeowner, people who own a home will usually find they have an increasing need to build or add on extra storage for tools, lawn furnishings and garden supplies.

The Value and Usefulness of Sheds

Creating new storage for outside yard supplies can be a great help in keeping garages and basements free of clutter and keep them functional for their intended uses. One of the best places for this type of storage is in an outdoor shed . While some people find other places to store outside yard tools and equipment such as a garage, this can cause a great amount of clutter in a space that is meant to house cars. On some occasions, this extra clutter can amount to such an infringement of space, the garage no longer has enough room for a car.

The best way to remedy this is through the addition of an outdoor garden shed or barn. Any other type of outside covering such as patio or porches will not offer enough cover or protection from the elements for these items and can cause them to rust or break down. In areas that are subject to weather extremes such as excessive heat, cold or inclement storms, sheds offer the perfect protection for yard and garden supplies.

Sheds and barns come in all different sizes and today, many of them can be purchased already built. This is especially true of wooden sheds and barns. There are many different types of building materials used for sheds and barns. These include mostly metal frames and wood materials. However there has been a recent surge in the use of smaller plastic sheds for garden tools and yard furnishings.

Types of Sheds

No matter what type of shed is chosen, it is usually recommended that the building be secured with a foundation. Creating a gravel or concrete shed base will provide the building with a greater structural integrity than if it is built without this. Wooden sheds and barns that have secured foundations will last for many years if they are taken care of properly. In contrast to metal sheds which may rust and usually have a ten to fifteen-year lifespan, wooden sheds that are built with pressure treated wood and placed on a foundation can easily last for up to 25-35 years or longer.

Homeowners that choose wooden sheds should purchase a pre-built one. These are usually constructed by professionals and have little risk of defects in construction. In addition, these sheds can readily be placed on a prepared foundation and secured in place. This will make them a more permanent structure that can offer homeowners the ability to create multi-use space such as an at home studio, guest quarters or a workshop as well as storage. In recent years, many of these wooden structures have been used or converted into a tiny houses with ease. This attests to their ability to offer significant longevity.